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"the short version"

LiveLearnGrow was birthed out of my own 100lb weight loss and journey into better health. As of August 2014 I was 245lbs, had high  blood pressure, migraine headaches, acid reflux, and was a smoker with overall horrible eating habits.  Through spiritual inspiration, I soon learned the POWER OF JUICING and that I could have health and maintain it if I took better care of what I put in my body.  Once I made the change I also started helping others do the same and I haven't looked back!  It is my passion and purpose to help people walk into better health and live fuller lives.

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Lacresha Mckinney, Owner & Founder

Lacresha Mckinney is not only am a health coach and personal trainer but as an entrepreneur and visionary she started the GirlsGoHard Lifestyle Expo and Magazine.  She offers consulting and services in the areas of marketing branding, design, photography and event planning. As a visual artist first and foremost the extent of her background and capabilities are quite versatile! 

Health Credentials and Affiliations:  NSCF Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Women's Fitness Specialist,  ACE Certified Instructor, Fat loss Specialist and Holistic Health Advocate, Consumer Reports Educator, Plant Pure Nation Certified POD, Founder of AGITO INC, Board Member of The Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement, Farmers Veteran Coalition,  Canvas Can Do Miracles and National Women in Agriculture Association 

LiveLearnGrow is engaged with the community to provide primary prevention to underserved individuals in food deserts as well as the community at large. Working with other community groups and nonprofits we help them alter unhealthy or unsafe behavior by providing resources that aid in the personal choices individuals make.  When you support LiveLearnGrow you are supporting this work and helping spread the gift of plant based living!

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